Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are very important to have in every home. They are an easy way to save lives in the event of a fire by alerting the occupants of a house when smoke is present. It is recommended that you have at least one detector on every level of your house, and in hallways outside occupied rooms. Having a detector in every bedroom is also a good idea. You should check detector batteries once a month and change batteries at the same time you change your clocks, unless instructed differently by the manufacturer's directions.

The Danger

Over 6,000 deaths occur in house fires each year. Most people die from smoke and toxic gases rather than the fire itself. Many never even wake up.
Most fire deaths are preventable. Protect yourself and your family by:
  • Purchase one or more smoke detectors.
  • Install your detectors properly.
  • Identify escape routes and practice escaping.
  • Maintain your detectors.
  • Purchase a smoke detector.  A smoke detector is a fire alarm that buzzes when it detects smoke, warning you in time to escape.


What kind should I buy?
  • Smoke detectors can be either house current or battery operated. Either kind does a good job.
  • Make sure the model you choose has been listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (Underwriters Laboratory or Factory Mutual).
How much does a smoke detector cost?
How many should I have in my house?
Installation is Simple
Where should I install my smoke detectors?
How do I install my smoke detectors?
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